Service Agreement
for the Use of Internet Number Resources


Published on August 5th, 2019

This is a service agreement between

CIDR/EU LIR Services
thcerpuR zneruaL
62 eßartssinnahoJ enielK
nemerB 99182

hereinafter referred to as LIR,

a n d


hereinafter referred to as Customer.

1.0 Terminology

  • The Local Internet Registry (hereinafter 'LIR') provides Internet Number Resources (INRs).
  • Internet Number Resources (for short Resources) describes address space from the Internet Protocol (IPv4 and IPv6) and Autonomous System Numbers (ASN) which were allocated from a RIR to the LIR.
  • The Customer is the contractual partner of the LIR and uses Resources provided by the LIR.
  • End customers are customers of the Customer, whether they are residential or business customers.
  • The Agreement is this service agreement, including all documents which are part of this agreement.
  • The phrase written refers to documents on paper with handwritten signatures. To be effective, the document must be scanned or photographed in case it is not sent via postal service.

2.0 General

  • This agreement is intended for Customers which plan to use the Resources provided according the provisions of this agreement for commercial purposes. Consumers are not eligible to enter this agreement.
  • The following document becomes part of this agreement:
    a. The Standard Policy for the Use of Internet Number Resources (CIDR/EU-01) from 28th July 2019.
  • The agreement can only be changed by a written amendment agreement.
  • In the event of misunderstandings about statements made by a contracting party, the provisions of the original agreement are solely authoritative.
  • The contractual language is English, any translations are only used for explanation purposes.
  • The relevant time for determination of dates/times is the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

3.0 Required Information

3.1 Due DiligenceOne of our jobs is to prevent an use of Resources, which can affect the network integrity of third parties or which is prohibited at all, such as (ab)using Resources to distribute advertising or unsolicited e-mails.

To enter this agreement, the Customer may be required to provide certain information to prove his identity:

  • A photograph of a handwritten note on paper with the present date, together with an identification card (ID).

All information stated before will be destroyed once the verification process has finished.

3.2 Business InformationDepending on the legal status of the Customer, following information will be required to enter the agreement:

  • Legal Entities
    • The full company name and the business address.
    • The name and job title of the authorized person which will sign the agreement.
    • A recent extract of the commercial trade register.
  • Natural Persons (Sole Traders)
    • The full name and the business address.
    • A copy of the trading license or another suitable document.

3.3 Other InformationIn addition, following information will be required to enter the agreement:

  • Where available, the VAT number.
  • An email address for the redirection of abuse reports.
  • A phone number which will be published in the RIR database (PERSON Object).

4.0 Resources

  • The LIR provides the following Resources for the Customer:
    1. The IPv4 PA /24 subnet with notation […] for […] per each commenced month.
    2. The IPv6 PA /48 subnet with notation […] for […] per each commenced month.
  • Resources are not reserved and cannot be provided until the initial invoice is paid completely.
  • Any assignments of Resources are valid as long as the criteria for the original assignment are met and only for the duration of this service agreement. The LIR has the right to reassign previously used address space to another customer upon termination or after end of this agreement or an agreed period thereafter. In that case, the Customer will have to re-configure the addresses of all equipment using this IP space if he continues to require global uniqueness of those addresses.

5.0 Billing and Payments

  • Prices are in EUR and exclude VAT where applicable.
  • Invoices after the initial invoice are issued monthly at the beginning or middle of each month.
  • Where agreed, the billing cycle may change to a quarterly, semi-annually or annually charging scheme.
  • Payments are made in EUR via SEPA credit transfer or using TransferWise (Invite Link).
  • The fees for each resource may increase by two percent (2%) per year, starting with the third year.
  • Invoices are due immediately. When no complete payment is made within 30 days after the date of invoice the Customer will be in default without notice of default being required.

6.0 Term and Termination

  • This agreement is concluded for an indefinite period of time unless terminated in accordance with the provisions of this article. Nevertheless, the minimum term of this agreement is 12 months.
  • After the end of the current term, it will extend by the same time unless terminated within the notice period.
  • The notice period is three (3) months to the end of the current term for both parties.
  • This agreement can only be terminated by a written notice.
  • The LIR is entitled to terminate this agreement without notice and with immediate effect in case
    • the Customer uses Resources in a way which is not compliant with the policy currently in force.
    • the Customer repeatedly does not respond to abuse reports or does not take necessary actions to stop any unintended use – also by end customers – of Resources.
    • the Customer provides the LIR with misleading data or provides the LIR repeatedly with incomplete or incorrect data or does not provide data at all.
    • the Customer is in default of payment as described in Article 5.6.
  • In case the agreement is terminated due to one of the reasons above (Article 6.5), the Customer cannot claim damages or the refund of payments.
  • The Customer has to make sure, that all announcements for all Resources covered by this agreement are removed within seven (7) days after the end of contract.

7.0 Information Obligations

The Customer is obligated to inform the LIR about important changes without being requested, such as a change of his (company) name, business address or email addresses used for contact or invoices.

8.0 Governing Law

All agreements between the LIR and the Customer are solely governed by the laws of Germany to the exclusion of the UN Sales Convention. Place of jurisdiction is Bremen.

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